60 Second Qualification Quiz

"714 downloads in the first 3 hours and still counting ..."

"In less than 30 minutes after downloading 'Make Your Own Software' I had already created a new piece of software to offer to my customer base. The result is an amazing 714 downloads in the first 3 hours, and still counting!  This isn't just a good idea - it's a must-have mission critical tool."

Jeremy Burns


The following quiz will let you know instantly if you qualify ...

Yes! I would like see if I qualify for purchasing the "Make Your Own Software" system.  I understand that I will be informed immediately if I qualify and that once I purchase I will be given immediate download access to the entire Make Your Own Software system so I can immediately began making my own software creations.

Immediately upon purchase, not only will I get the "Make Your Own Software Tool" (a software program that creates other software programs), but I will also get the following bonuses as well.

Included in This Once-in-a-Lifetime System:

  • The "Make Your Own Software" Tool Itself

    Just as we explained before, this software program will create executable programs that you can distribute or sell royalty-free.

    - It doesn't matter if you're a complete software-dummy who doesn't know a single line of code.

    - You can create an unlimited number of programs.

    - You can sell or distribute the programs you create royalty-free.

    - The programs you create will work on almost any Windows machine..

  • Full rights to sell or distribute any of the programs you create with Make Your Own Software royalty-free. 

    What does that mean?  Basically that you never have to pay me another dime for the products you create.  You could create an unlimited number of new products to sell and never have to pay another software developer again.

  • Much More ...


Plus These 5 Free Bonuses
they're mine to keep even if I ask for a refund -

  • Bonus #1: Recipes and Templates for the 20 Brainstorm Ideas

  • Remember the 20 product ideas I listed on the previous page?

    Well, just to prove that those ideas are not just pie-in-the-sky possibilities, I'll include complete recipes and templates for creating every single one of those ideas.

    That's right, you'll have 20 products ready to sell from Day 1.

    Even if you don't have any ideas of your own you could simply create products based on these scripts and be ready to fly in minutes.

    Heck, even if you were to purchase these products themselves (not to mention the ability to sell the products themselves royalty-free) that would probably cost you more than what I'm asking for this software.

    And yes, these 20 include the Web Army Knife (which is really 10+ products in one) and the Viral System Creator idea!  You get the recipes and templates for these ideas complete and ready to go.

  • Bonus #2: Complete Step by Step Software Creation Guide

    This guide will show you step-by-step how to create software using "Make Your Own Software."  Frankly this guide and the program itself are all that you need to get started immediately.

  • Bonus #3: How to Sell Software Online Manual

    We'll show you how to do it all from A to Z.

    How to create your idea.

    How to turn it into reality (using "Make Your Own Software" of course).

    How to put it up for sale online and fulfill it instantly (using an inexpensive service called ClickLocker ...). 

    (People could be purchasing your software while you sleep and you will have systems in place that will fulfill it instantly.  You'll have customers that you've never even talked to!)

    How to take orders and receive payments without a merchant account.

    (You'll be up and running making real money in no time.)

  • Bonus #4: My Product Idea Goldmine

    This little manual will break down the various types of software you can create with "Make Your Own Software" and even show you where you can find thousands of free scripts that you can put to use immediately.

  • Bonus #5: One Week Free Membership to ClickLocker

    ClickLocker is a fantastic subscription service that will allow you to lock down your products to the machine of the person who purchased them.  This will allow you to prevent piracy and theft of your creations and shut down people who try to steal your work by asking for unfair refunds.

  • How much would you pay?

    Imagine how much you'd have to pay a team of software developers to do what this software could do.

    Imagine how how much money you could make with this software and imagine how much you think you'd have to pay.

    "$10,000.00?  Wouldn't that be reasonable?"  Yes, it would, but that's not what you'll pay today.

    "How about $5,000.00?"  Nope.

    "$1,000.00?" Nope.

    "Come on ... $500.00??" Nope. 

    You'll pay only: US$197 for a lifetime license

    Why such a low price?  Well, I know that I'll attract a larger number of people this way.  In the future, when I decide to release any other products I know that the trust I've created with you by offering you such a tremendous product at such a low price will make you more likely to buy them.

    Note about price #1: Compare this to the cost of hiring a software developer to write one program for you.  A reasonable cost to expect would be about $1,000.  If you created only 10 programs with this software, you would save $9,803.  If you created 50 ... You get the idea.

    Note about price #2: If you created a software program with "Make Your Own Software" and sold it for $100, your costs are covered by selling only two.  How many copies of your creation do you think you'll be able to sell?  If you sold only 10, you would have already returned your investment 5 times over.

    Note about price #3: This small investment is completely tax deductible as a legitimate business expense.

I Have Zero Risk
I am protected by the following two guarantees

I understand that I am protected by the 3 Times Your Money Back Guarantee and the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee as per the provisions described on the previous page.  If at any time over the next 60 days I am not delighted or am unsatisfied for any reason, all I have to do is contact the Make Your Own Software staff.  They will issue me a prompt and courteous refund on the spot.

Mike's Gift to Me

Even if I ask for a refund I can keep the 5 bonuses as Mike's gift to me - no strings attached!

Let's see if I qualify ...

Pre-Qualification Quiz
Please answer the following questions and we'll tell you instantly if you're qualified.

Qualification Question 1.
Yes, "Make Your Own Software" can create a virtually limitless number of software programs for you to sell, but it's your responsibility to sell and market them.   Do you understand this?

Yes, I understand that sales do not come without marketing and promotion.

Qualification Question 2.
Have you read and understand the 3 warnings and the terms of service?

Yes, I have read and understand them.

Qualification Question 3.
Do you understand that the programs you create will only work on machines running the Microsoft Windows operating system?  (Don't worry, that's 90+% of the computing world.)

Yes, I understand that these programs will only work on Windows machines (in other words, it will work for about 90% of the people who own computers - just like any major software program out there).

Qualification Question 4.
I understand that even though I've been given 20 product templates, I will be able to create any other product I like as well.  The possibilities are virtually limitless.  I also understand that I will be able to distribute my creations as I see fit royalty-free*

Yes, I understand that I can create a virtually unlimited number of programs with "Make Your Own Software."  I am only limited by my own imagination.

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Please give me a free subscription to "The Software Idea Machine."  Each week, I'll get new killer ideas for software products I can easily create and sell online royalty-free.

*"Royalty-free" means that you'll never have to pay me a licensing fee for your creations.  Give them away or sell them as you see fit.  What you do with your "Make Your Own Software" creations is totally up to you.

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