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"We've found a way to drive massive traffic to our website ..."

"We have not-a-lick of experience programming code. We can easily create one to two software's a day, which we can then give away for free. With the 'Affiliate Version' option attached to these programs, we can start creating massive passive income while we sleep.  Thank you!"

Micah & Clare Intrator-Thiel

So what?

Why should you promote my software when there are thousands of people offering you commissions for the sale of their software products?

That's a great question and it deserves a great answer.

I'm not going to waste your time with any nonsense here.  I'm just going to give it to you straight.  I've always felt that if you have something important to say, you can just come right out and say it:

What's In It for You?

1.  Truly Unique Product

While every point I'm going to make here is important, this is perhaps the most important.

With hundreds of people selling "me too" products and marketing courses (some saying the same thing over and over, some just being dangerously wrong), promoting a truly unique product is bound to get you better results.

2.  Marketing that Sells

First, you have a great product at a great price (obviously, I should be asking for quite a bit more than I am for this product ...)

Next, there is a salesletter that as you can see is extremely powerful (written by one of the greatest copywriters in the world).

Selling this product is a slam-dunk.

Conversion rates on our website are far above the industry standard.

3.  Powerful Selling Tools

I'm not going to just give you a link and leave you to your own devices.  I'm going to, over time, give you more and more powerful tools to help you sell.

After you sign up, you'll be presented with a number of unique selling tools immediately.

4.  Constant Improvement

As with any product I release, I plan to constantly improve the marketing for this product making it better and better all the time.

5.  Instant Money

You can get paid at any time after a sale has cleared the 60 day refund period.

You simply log in to your affiliate control panel and click on "send me money!"  I'll PayPal your commissions to you instantly on the spot.

No more waiting for commission checks to be mailed or for commission checks to clear at your bank.

So, what's my point?

Well, I guess it's a choice for you.  You can spend your time promoting a bland me-too product with poorly executed marketing  ...

Or ...

You can promote a proven unique product with excellent marketing.

Which of the two is more likely to render a result for you?  When you've thought that through and answered that question, sign up instantly below.

Yes!  Dale, please sign me up to be an affiliate for "Make Your Own Software."

I understand that I will instantly be given access to all of your powerful promotional tools and that I may begin promoting and earning commissions instantly.

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